United Methodist Men's Group

United Methodist Men

What sets the United Methodist Men’s group apart at Mt Home UMC is that when we gather over breakfast on the 1st Saturday of the month @ 9:00 am, our meals are actually pretty good.  We have far more than stale donuts and coffee!   It may not be particularly profound, but we think that good conversation is helped along by good food!  We also gather from time to time at a pub in Sherwood.  It is just another way we try to reach out to other men in our area who are looking for friendship and faith.


United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women (UMW) is an important aspect of our life together at Mt. Home UMC.  Women of all ages find fellowship in this group as we together encourage one another in our spiritual growth. There is an evening circle, Lydia, and an afternoon circle, Elizabeth. The women of Mt. Home UMC read books and do bible studies together.  As part of our fellowship the two groups  get together for a women’s night out at a local restaurant once or twice a year. Sponsoring community dinners help fund UMW's outreach missions. We also participate in the wider UMW organization in our denomination which has had a commitment to Christian mission ever since its founding in 1869.

There are two circles: Lydia Circle that meets on the 2ND Monday evening of the month at 7 pm and Elizabeth Circle which meets the 2nd MONDAY of the month at 1:30 pm. TWICE A YEAR (DECEMBER AND jUNE), THE TWO GROUPS COMBINE FOR AN EVENING MEAL OUT TOGETHER.